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Top Cannabis Brands & Products Near Detroit, MI

Moses Roses is poised to be Detroit's top recreational cannabis dispensary, offering flower, edibles, vape carts, concentrates, pre-rolls, and more, from your favorite brands like Uplyfted, Wana, and Hytek, just to name a few. Sign up for our list below to stay up to date and notified of when Moses Roses in Southwest Detroit officially opens!

Cannabis Flower in Detroit

Explore our top indica, sativa, and hybrid flower strains from Michigan's best growers.
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Edibles in Detroit

Don't like smoking? View our selection of edibles and choose from a variety of chocolates, gummies, mints and more.
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Pre Rolls in Detroit

Short on time? Shop our selection of premium pre-rolls, including infused pre-rolls for an extra punch.
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Vape Carts in Detroit

Find convenience with Michigan's top THC vape cart brands and products available here at Moses Roses.
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Concentrates in Detroit

Enjoy some of Michigan's cleanest smoke with concentrates, resins, wax, badder, and more from top brands.
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CBD in Detroit

Enjoy additional health and wellness benefits with our selection of CBD products available online.
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Moses Roses - Southwest Detroit

6237 Federal St, Detroit, MI 48209
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