Wyld Gummies Michigan: Our Top 7 Favorite Flavors!

April 19, 2024

In Michigan, we can get behind any brand that has a set of antlers in its logo. Wyld Gummies may not be a native Michigan brand, but it fits right in with its nature-focused mantra and “cannabis-infused edibles for every adventure” motto. 

Wyld Gummies Michigan is also a brand you can always count on finding on the Moses Roses shelves. From Wyld Raspberry Gummies to Wyld Sleep Gummies, the brand offers something for everyone when fine-tuning a wellness routine. 

So, want to learn more about the notable Wyld Gummies brand and find out what flavors to try first? Keep reading for the ultimate guide to Wyld Gummies Michigan, including the Moses Roses’ team’s picks for the top 7 flavors. 

Wyld: Behind the Brand 

Packaged inside a uniquely shaped box, you can tell at first glance Wyld isn’t like other weed brands. The company began in 2016 in Oregon, and grew quickly from a few friends making gummies in a home kitchen into one of the biggest edibles brand in the US. 

Today, the brand has used their success to support a number of initiatives. Meaning, every time you buy Wyld Gummies, you too are supporting what they call the “Why in Wyld”. Giving back to movements and charities that support social and racial justice, while operating with environmental sustainability in mind, too. 

Now that you know who you’re buying from, what should you try first from Wyld Gummies? Let’s get into our team’s picks of the top 7 flavors to try. 

Our Top 7 Wyld Gummies Flavors to Try 

Without further ado, here’s our favorite 7 Wyld Gummies we can’t get enough of. 

Wyld Hybrid Gummies - Huckleberry 

Starting with a one-of-a-kind flavor that’ll instantly be a classic on your edibles menu, Wyld Hybrid Gummies in Huckleberry. Not only are these gummies the perfect go-to for a well-balanced and mood-enhancing buzz, but they taste just as dope, too. All Wyld Gummies are made with real fruit - and you can tell, from the rich, and robust berry tastes in every bite.

Wyld Indica Gummies - Marionberry 

Another exotic berry flavor to try is Wyld Gummies in Marionberry, an indica edition. Perfect as an after-dinner treat, this variety features a unique blend of indica enhanced terpenes to help you unwind after a long day of everyday stresses. Simply enjoy the rich flavor of Marionberry, and get ready to ease into the comfort of peace, and relaxation. 

Wyld Hybrid Gummies - Peach (THC:CBD) 

The next specialty variety we love from Wyld Gummies is their 2:1 CBD:THC ratio! This edition comes in a couple of flavors, and Peach is one of our favorites - especially when we’re craving the taste of summer. This hybrid gummy is perfect for an all-day balance that keeps your mood uplifted, without too intense of a buzz. 

Wyld Hybrid Gummies - Strawberry (THC:CBD) 

Another summer-forward flavor with even more CBD to THC is Wyld Gummies' Strawberry Hybrid variety. We love recommending these gummies to beginner consumers for its 20:1 CBD:THC ratio. Enhanced with a hybrid terpene blend, and cannabis-derived CBD oil, the gummies are ideal for relaxing the body while keeping your mind alert and focused. 

Wyld Sativa Gummies - Raspberry 

Sticking to the berries, but moving on to Sativa effects, are the Wyld Raspberry Gummies. You can taste the tartness and sweetness of the real fruit these gummies are made with while enjoying the sativa-blend of botanical terpenes, too. We love these gummies for a kick start to the day, with their euphoric and energizing effects that’ll keep you on task and feeling extra creative. 

Wyld Indica Gummies - Sour Cherry 

When we say Wyld Gummies have a wide range of flavors and types - we mean it! The next type to cover is their sour variety. These Sour Cherry indica gummies will invigorate the senses with its sweet and tart flavor, yet soothe the body and mind of all the aches and pains. Get ready for a completely mellow and carefree experience that just happens to pack a punch in sourness. 

Wyld Hybrid Gummies - Sour Tangerine 

Last but not least is the bright bite that always invigorates our moods - Wyld Hybrid Gummies in Sour Tangerine. This flavor is out of this world lip-puckering and is just as playful as its euphoric and uplifting effects. The tart and punchy taste is good for morning, afternoon, or night, when you’re seeking a carefree time with elevated moods. 

Wyld Gummies Michigan Near Me: Find at Moses Roses! 

With locations across Michigan, Moses Roses is proud to serve as our source for all things Wyld Gummies. As you can see from our Wyld Marionberry Gummies review, Wyld Raspberry Gummies review, and others - the brand’s edibles are some of our team’s favorites, and we're sure they’ll be yours too. 

Pickup Wyld Gummies Michigan wide by finding a location near you. At Moses Roses, you can conveniently shop online for store pick up, or delivery. It’s just our style to make your wellness routines, a curiously creative and imaginative experience with ease and variety with every buy. 

Browse our current collection now, and start selecting the Wyld Gummies you’ll try first! 

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