Who is Goldkine? Our Favorite 6 Strains to Try First

April 19, 2024

All that glitters is not gold, but flower that glimmers is sure to be Goldkine. 

Goldkine quickly became one of the state’s leading brands for the gold standard when it comes to weed, and for good reason. It’s a standby, reliable staple that you can count on for quality flower and an unparalleled strain collection well suited for canna connoisseurs. 

So if you’re seeking something new or looking to learn more about the Goldkine brand - you’re in the right place! Keep reading to get our complete Goldkine review, Goldkine prerolls review, and our picks for the top 6 strains to try first. 

Who is Goldkine? 

As you can tell from the black and gold branding, Goldkine launched onto the Michigan cannabis scene, striving to be the state’s premier luxury cannabis brand. They do so by bringing to the shelves an unparalleled strain collection that they cultivate to the highest values and standards. 

Their founders are family-oriented and bonded by a collective drive to produce the finest, hand-crafted cannabis, which they say is the foundation of the business. They’re Metro-Detroit local, with a sophisticated facility in Warren, where they employ a team of educated professionals.

So, what’s coming out of Goldkine that’s keeping them on the top-shelf? A variety of premium strains to put on your must-try list. 

Must Try: Our Top 6 Goldkine Strains 

Now that you know more about the brand behind the bud, let’s get into our team’s picks for the top 6 Goldkine strains to try first. Plus, our complete Goldkine preroll review! 

Goldkine Flower - Stuffed French Toast

No, this isn’t the brunch menu and you’re seeing that right. One of our go-tos from Goldkine is their Stuffed French Toast flower. The sweet and earthy strain will ignite your senses when you twist open the jar for some major good whiffs of the good stuff. You’ll take in notes of vanilla sweetness, with hints of butter and all natural scents, too. With a moderate level of THC we love recommending Stuffed French Toast to the canna curious and newbies for its well tolerated, uplifting, and relaxing buzz. 

Goldkine Flower - Terpee Slurpee

Turning up the notch on taste is another flavor-forward strain, Terpee Slurpee. Put all your favorite terps in a blender and mix it up for this complex and craveworthy indica dominant hybrid. Inside each bud, you’ll crack open sweet flavors of fruity citrus, invigorating lemon and lime, and hints of sugary orange. You know, like that slurpee tastes when you add all the best flavors! Its high is just as pleasurable with mood boosting capabilities, from its heady buzz. 

Goldkine Preroll - Cherry Pie

Sticking with our dessert and sweet theme is another Goldkine preroll review from the strain Cherry Pie. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion or a USA holiday to spark up this Cherry Pie, but it may feel extra special to be puffing on Granddaddy Purp lineage. An OG purp strain, we dig the robust fruity, berry, and cherry fruit flavors that have a hint of sugary dough on every exhale. Cherry Pie is sure to beat everyday stresses with its uplifting euphoria that’ll keep you focused with its mental clarity. 

Goldkine Preroll - Red Pop 

A nod to our great home state of Michigan and our favorite line of pop (we see you, Faygo!) is another Goldkine preroll review - this time from Red Pop! A former High Times cannabis cup strain winner and Mitten State fave, we can’t get enough of this indica dominant hybrid. One thing you should know - Red Pop is a rare, exotic genetic, so if you find it on the shelves - snag it, so you can try it. 

Goldkine Preroll - Grease Monkey 

Goldkine’s very own funky monkey is none other than Grease Monkey available in the brand’s Factory preroll line. Grease Monkey is a cross of two classics, GG4 x Cookies and Cream, for a potently powerful indica-dominant hybrid that offers deliciously sweet, nutty, and dessert like flavors with underlying notes of funky skunk, too. We love Goldkine’s Grease Monkey for unwinding after a long day when we’re ready for a dreamy, hazy head high. 

Goldkine Preroll - Grape Topanga

Finally, throw it back to the good ol’ days with some Boy Meets World nostalgia, and the fresh, classic flavors of grape. Say, what? Grape Topanga is a definite must-try from Goldkine, and all we have to share is a rave Goldkine preroll review. Unlike Grease Monkey, you can pick up the well-balanced hybrid, Grape Topanga, any time of the day for uplifted moods and all good body feels. It offers consumers a refreshingly fruity terpene profile, with tastes of grape of course, and spicy tropical notes on the exhale. 

Goldkine Near Me at Moses Roses 

Experience luxury cannabis from Goldkine with luxury service from Moses Roses. At Moses Roses, it’s our mission to elevate the buying experience, not just with premium brands like Goldkine but with convenience, too. 

Simply shop the best brands and a variety of cannabis products online for store pick up or delivery. Prefer an in-store shopping experience? Join the Moses Roses movement in person, and stop by a nearby store to meet our friendly team of canna specialists. 

Stay tuned for more brand guides, education, and promotions, and make Moses Roses your neighborhood cannabis retail store for all things flower. 

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