The Best Rosin in Michigan: Our Team’s Top 7 Picks!

February 21, 2024

Searching for Michigan rosin? You, and every other member of the Michigan cannabis community! Live rosin and live resin are two of the most popular cannabis products on the shelves today. For good reason. The concentrates capture the plant’s unique essence - not just in taste but in effects, too. 

So, whether you’re an experienced Detroit rosin consumer or just getting into the game, this is the guide for you! Here, we’ll cover all the basics of what makes live rosin and resin so highly sought after and cover our top 7 Michigan rosins to try

The Basics: Live Rosin and Live Resin 

One reason connoisseurs continue to love old-school flower, is due to the plant’s natural profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes. Together, these two produce what’s known as the “entourage effect” where the plant’s two most abundant compounds amplify one another’s effects. Meaning, your buzz can be more profound and powerful when consuming both versus one without the other. 

So, on the concentrate side, it’s just as important to have cannabinoids and terpenes to capture weed’s potent effects. Enter, live rosin, and resin into the conversation. These extracts are often single-source (i.e., one strain is extracted at a time) and undergo an extraction process that protects the natural integrity of the plant. The “live” terminology refers to the plant material being freshly frozen upon harvesting - again, to protect the plant’s compounds at their peak of freshness. 

Now, rosin is the outcome of “solventless” extraction processes using pressure and temperature. On the other hand, resin is the outcome of “solvent-based” extraction processes that use solvents like butane or ethanol to extract the precious oil that contains the cannabinoids and terpenes. 

With those definitions under our belt, let’s get into the good stuff. Like our team’s picks for the best rosin in Michigan! 

The Top 7 Michigan Rosins and Live Resins 

From Michigan rosin to live resins, we stock a wide selection of premium concentrates at Moses Roses. Here are seven of our favorites to recommend. 

Dazed Extracts - Live Rosin Sour Tangie 

It doesn’t get purer than the live rosin from Dazed Extracts and Sour Tangie is a definite must-try. This sativa-dominant strain is perfect for afternoon pick me-ups, serving up a burst of energy with bright and lively citrus flavors. Need a fine-tuned focus for afternoon tasks or chores? Look no further than this Michigan rosin! 

Fresh Coast - Live Rosin Vape Cart Animal Mint Cake 

We dig rosin at home and rosin on the go, and Fresh Coast’s Vape Carts are one of our go-tos! This Animal Mint Cake variety is a well-balanced hybrid that’ll keep you fueled from morning to night with its uplifting effects and craveworthy fruity and minty tastes. Every hit is as smooth as the last with this dependable and reliable cart. 

Bossy - Live Resin Cherry Pie 

For beginner or budget-friendly buyers, we love to recommend the Bossy brand and this Cherry Pie Live Resin is a great place to start. It offers rich sweet and sour flavors, like the dessert it's named for, and will have you feeling totally blissful with its euphoric effects. Consumers love Cherry Pie for its nearly equal sativa-indica hybrid nature. 

Nine8Nine - Live Resin Badder Motorbreath 

A live resin badder? Yes please! You can always count on Nine8Nine for pungent and potent products, and their Motorbreath live resin badder certainly proves that. Inside the smooth and creamy badder is a strong and gassy diesel aroma, with effects that are just as powerful for good moods and relaxed minds. 

Bow House - Live Resin White Truffle 

Speaking of powerful, the savory good tastes of White Truffle live resin from Bow House will keep you coming back for more! Every rip will have you uncovering another flavor, from earthiness to skunkiness to pine and floral. The indica-dominant strain will leave you in a tranquil trance with its mood-enhancing and relaxing effects. 

Cannabee Extracts - Live Resin Terp Sugar Garlic Icing 

Another live resin consistency we love is terp sugar from Cannabee Extracts, especially in Garlic Icing. This funky profile is best enjoyed at the peak of its freshness, and every dab will have smooth, creamy, and savory flavors lingering on your tongue. As for effects, expect to be cool, calm, and collected with relaxation from head to toe. 

Church - Live Resin Vape Cart Blue Dream 

Last but not least is another live resin option you can take on the go from Church Cannabis. This Blue Dream live resin vape cart is ideal for all day, everyday use, with the popular strain’s sativa-dominant effects. Wake and bake with a hit for a burst of energy and an uplifting euphoria that’ll have you feeling like you’re on cloud nine despite everyday stresses. 

Finding Michigan Rosin and Live Resin at Moses Roses

At Moses Roses, we understand - there’s different tokes for different folks. That’s why we strive to curate an imaginative experience for every consumer with a wide selection of goods! From the best rosin in Michigan to budget-friendly buds, we’ve got you covered and made it even easier to secure the bag. 

Shop our current collection online for pickup or delivery, or find a location near you to visit! Join the Moses Roses movement and make our cannabis retail store your neighborhood shop for all things weed. 

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