The Best Infused Pre-Rolls at Moses Roses - Our Top 6 Picks!

January 11, 2024

It doesn’t get much better than pre-rolls. All the work is done for you, and consumers can enjoy premium cannabis flower in a professionally filled cone. Of course, with any regular plant wellness routine, it’s easy to build tolerance quickly. That’s where infused pre-rolls, enter the conversation! 

One of the latest and greatest innovations to hit the shelves, infused pre rolls are rising in popularity fast. Those beloved pre-rolls you know and love are now being kicked up a notch with an infusion of cannabis oil or highly potent kief - to elevate their potency and the experience all together. 

Ever want to mix your concentrate + flower? This is the list for you! Keep reading for the Moses Roses’ team’s picks of the best infused pre rolls in Metro Detroit. 

The Top 6 Infused Pre Rolls in Metro Detroit 

Of course, because these pre-rolls are infused with premium cannabis oil, they obviously come at a higher cost than regular pre-rolls. So, don’t waste your money on just any ol’ infused pre-roll - save this list of our team’s top 6 infused pre-rolls to try first in Metro Detroit! 

Jeeter XL Pre Roll - Grandaddy Purp 

It wouldn’t be an infused pre-roll list without featuring a Jeeter or two. First up is the Jeeter XL pre-roll in Grandaddy Purp that offers consumers 2 g of premium indoor-grown flower, infused with liquid diamonds and dusted in kief. We love the glass tip that this Jeeter comes equipped with and its slow burning nature - boasting up to 25 minutes of burn time and perfect for group seshes and circles! 

Cali Blazed Tarantula - Watermelon 

Like Jeeters, the Cali Blazed Tarantulas are THCa infused and dusted in kief for an ultra potent buzz. We love the refreshing Watermelon flavor and its well-balanced hybrid buzz that it provides. At 1 G for just $10, it doesn’t get more cost-effective than Cali Blazed for a slow burning, smooth experience from start to finish. 

Glorious Cannabis Infused Pre-Roll - Mango Kush 

This Glorious Cannabis infused preroll is infused with premium icewater bubble hash for an au natural and highly elevated buzz. We love the flavors of Mango Kush, which are rich in sweet mango, creamy peach, honey, and floral and finished off with a gassy diesel base. The Glorious Cannabis infused pre rolls smoke strong but smooth. The company prides itself on solventless products and filling each preroll with all flower and no shake!  

Born In Detroit Live Resin Infused Pre-Roll - Belle Isle

We love Born in Detroit’s Belle Isle strain, which is a hybrid variety ideal for daytime or nighttime use. The pre-roll smokes smooth and has a complex fruity, spicy, earthy, piney, and sour flavor profile that’ll keep you guessing and wanting more as you puff, puff, pass. As for effects, you can expect an uplifting euphoria that’ll deliver a case of the munchies and even boost your creativity! 

Toast Live Resin Infused Pre-Roll - Jungle Fruit 

Another live resin favorite of ours is Toast’s infused pre-roll in Jungle Fruit. At 1.2 grams, this pre roll packs a potent punch from an infusion of high quality live resin. The strain is notoriously rare and is a nearly equal balance of sativa and indica traits, making it the perfect go-to for daytime or nighttime seshes. Soon after finishing, you’ll feel completely at ease, relaxed, and happy from the pre-roll’s delightfully tropical and fruity flavors. 

Seed Junky Hash Hole Pre-Roll - Gello Shotz 

Again, it wouldn’t be an infused pre-roll list of favorites without featuring another innovation: hash holes! This Gello Shotz Hash Hole pre-roll from Seed Junky is one of our favorites for its smooth, burning nature and bright sativa effects. You’re treated to tropical flavors and a potent taste of lime skittles. Effect wise, you can expect a potent burst of energy that can ignite your creativity - ideal for daytime use when tackling work and chores.

Infused Pre-Rolls & More at Moses Roses 

At Moses Roses, we ask the Michigan cannabis community to stop and smell the roses with quality products that create imaginative experiences alongside exceptional customer service standards. With a wide selection of premium cannabis goods, we’re pleased to serve canna newbies and canna veterans across the state in multiple locations. 

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