Northern Lights FX Gummies and Chocolates: Our Top 6 Picks!

February 21, 2024

Long gone are the days of old-school, old-fashioned, and unpredictable pot brownies. But still, are the days when edible effects can be unexpected or exploratory in nature. With the plethora of edibles on the shelves today, it can be difficult to find which sativa, indica, or hybrid works best for you and your unique preferences. 

One brand that’s working to demystify which effects to expect from edibles is Northern Lights FX Edibles. This native Michigander owned brand not only focuses on out of the world flavors with the world’s finest ingredients - each of the Northern Lights FX gummies and Northern Lights FX chocolates comes with its own fine-tuned effects. 

So, if you’re on an exploratory edible journey, this is the guide for you. Experience extraordinary edible effects from Northern Lights FX Edibles and our team’s picks for the top 6 to try first. 

The Top 6 Northern Lights FX Edibles to Try First 

Made with premium chocolate and high-quality ingredients, we love Northern Lights FX gummies and Northern Lights FX chocolates for their flavor and functionality. Stock up on a lineup that’ll get you through an entire day of moods with Northern Lights FX edibles. 

Need help selecting which ones to add to your wellness routines? Here are our top 6 Northern Lights FX chocolates and Northern Lights FX gummies to recommend. 

Northern Lights FX Relax Gummies - Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is one of our favorite flavors for any candy, but the Northern Lights FX gummies in Relax just hit different. Its satisfyingly sweet, tart berry flavor is the perfect after-dinner or afternoon treat for when you’re ready to wash away everyday stresses. The hybrid blend also offers an equally balanced ratio of CBD and THC for an uplifted mood without any hint of anxiety. 

Northern Lights FX Chocolate Bar - Snooze

Now, if you’re looking for the type of relaxation that’ll have you catching zzz’s in no time, Northern Lights FX Chocolate Bar in Snooze is for you. This bar combines indica-dominant THC blends with the minor cannabinoid CBN, which is well-known for its sedating effects. Inside the smooth and craveworthy bites of chocolate, you’ll find 50 MG of CBN (that’s 2.5 MG per bite) for the optimal dose of all-natural sleepiness for nighttime needs. 

Prefer gummies over chocolate? You can try the same snooze formula in Northern Lights FX gummies with a Black Cherry Pomegranate flavor. 

Northern Lights FX Love Gummies - Strawberry Watermelon

Seeking a more fun type of slumber? Have no fear; Northern Lights FX Edibles is here with their Strawberry Watermelon Love Gummies. In addition to cannabis’ arousing effects, these Northern Lights FX Gummies also contain a unique herbal blend of aphrodisiacs to boost the mood even more. The heightened combination is ideal for slowing down, connecting with loved ones, and increasing desires, of course. Meaning, it’s best reserved for date nights or late nights, if you know what we mean. 

Northern Lights FX Chocolate Bar - Daytime 

On the flip side, Northern Lights FX Chocolate Bars also come in their Daytime version to keep you energized and alert. Ideal for a wake-and-bake, (chocolate can be a breakfast side, right?) this chocolate is not just infused with sativa-dominant THC blends, but caffeine, too. These chocolates will uplift the mood while fine-tuning your focus to take on any to-do list of chores or tasks or to keep your mind on right for the day.

Northern Lights FX Focus Gummies - Green Apple

Speaking of focus, you can expand on your elevated mind that much more with Northern Lights FX Gummies in their Focus Green Apple variety. The sweet and crisp flavor of apple is infused with THC and an extra special herbal blend of nootropics to naturally heighten your focus. AKA, providing effects that’ll boost cognition and concentration or help you get “in the zone without zoning out.”

Northern Lights FX Daytime Gummies - Sour Mango Pineapple 

Last but not least is Northern Lights FX Gummies, sour edition. These daytime gummies come in an extra fruity and tart flavor of mango pineapple that’ll ignite the senses as much as your mind and mood. Another caffeine and THC blend, you can easily select 1-2 gummies to personalize your dosage for the day and enjoy the bright, lively, and exhilarating flavors as a sweet treat, too. 

Moses Roses: Your Source for Northern Lights FX Edibles

With Northern Lights FX gummies and Northern Lights FX chocolates - buyer beware. Once you pop, you just can’t stop! Good thing for the Michigan cannabis community, Moses Roses strives to keep our shelves stocked with a variety of consumables - including Northern Lights FX edibles. 

Shop this wide selection of Northern Lights FX and other brands conveniently online for store pickup or delivery. Or, make a trip to one of our locations to meet our friendly team of canna specialists. 

Regardless of the way you shop, join the Moses Roses movement. The neighborhood cannabis shop where you can expect an imaginative experience, no matter your cannabis preferences, with every trip. Browse Moses Roses and sign up for our rewards program now! 

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