Kai Cannabis - Our Full Review + Top 7 Strains to Try First!

March 5, 2024

Kai is a native Michigan brand that you’re likely familiar with seeing on the shelves. Among the Michigan cannabis community, Kai offers reliable, consistent quality because of the higher standards the facility upholds. 

Nestled in Adrian, Michigan, Kai Cultivation takes pride in the detail they pay attention to, from seed to harvest. In doing so, they produce small batches of craft cannabis that allow connoisseurs and beginners alike to try a wide variety of strains. Including exotic genetics from local Michigan breeders and some of the best in the business, too. 

For buds that are grown with love, hand-trimmed and manicured with care, and always available on the shelves of Moses Roses, look no further than Kai cannabis. Not sure where to start? This is the guide for you. Keep reading for our full Kai cannabis reviews on the top 7 Kai cultivation strains we love the most! 

The Top 7 Kai Cannabis Flower Strains to Try 

With so much to choose from from Kai Cannabis at Moses Roses, it can be hard to narrow down which is right for you. This guide has our team’s top 7 Kai Cannabis flower strains to try first with our full Kai cultivation review. 

Kai Cannabis Flower - Strawberry Gary 

Never heard of Strawberry Gary? Meet your BFF for well-balanced hybrid effects from this unique and rare strain. This hand-selected phenotype from Kai cultivation offers consumers an out-of-this-world experience with dreamy buzzes and extraordinary flavors. With a “Red Pop” lineage, you’ll love the refreshing flavor of strawberry with underlying bubbly, gassy terps, that leave you feeling in bliss with happy and calm vibes. 

Kai Cannabis Flower - Gypsy Soap

Another exotic genetic from Seed Junky Genetics and Kai cultivation is Gypsy Soap. This strain is a cross of creamy Gelato and Animal Mint, for invigorating minty and satisfyingly sweet puffs. Its effects are uplifting and soothing for the mind and body, and relaxing for the body without sedating you completely. 

Kai Cannabis Flower - White Lightning 

As for our Kai Cultivation indica dominant hybrid go-to, we love White Lightning. This classic cross of two legends, White Widow and Northern Lights, is a nighttime favorite for its ability to wash away all the stresses of the day with complete tranquility. As for flavor, expect to indulge in its earthy and gassy notes for an all around nostalgic, classic-weed experience. 

Kai Cannabis Flower - Cherry Kush Mints 

On the more fruity side, we’ve recently been digging Kai Cannabis’ Cherry Kush Mints strain. An ideal hybrid for daytime or night, it offers a peaceful and euphoric buzz for the body and mind that leaves you in a completely carefree state. Every hit will have you craving more, with a delicious blend of refreshing mint flavors that have undertones of tart, juicy cherries, and citrus. 

Kai Cannabis Flower - Unicorn Meat 

Another rare genetic from one of the state’s best breeders, Thug Pug Genetics, comes to you from Unicorn Meat. Truly as unique as its name (and just as colorful!) this frosty purple flower tastes as pretty as she looks. Inside its purple, orange-hair covered buds is a funky, fruity, and fresh papaya flavor that immediately ignites the senses. The well-balanced hybrid offers truly euphoric effects and is a must-try for any pheno hunter. 

Kai Cannabis Flower - Ice Cream Cake x Animal Mints 

Want another satisfyingly sweet and minty strain? Then this Kai Cannabis flower in Ice Cream Cake x Animal Mints is a must-try. We love this strain for its creamy, sweet, minty, and diesel-fueled flavor and for its seriously potent effects. A strain we definitely reserve for nighttime use, get ready to kick back and relax to the max with this elevating strain that offers a mood-boosting yet relaxing buzz to unwind with. 

Kai Cannabis Flower - Flap Jacks 

Another perk from Kai Cultivation? Their smalls and shake are even better than some other brands (sorry, not sorry!). For instance, this Flap Jacks variety easily makes our list of favorites and is offered by Kai Cannabis in "smalls,” or smaller nugs or buds - that still get the job done.

A great option for budget seekers or frequent users, try this indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s chock full of flavors. From cherry and blueberry, gassy diesel, to mint, cookies n' cream, skunk, and a slight sweetness, she’ll definitely keep your taste buds guessing. 

Finding Kai Cannabis at Moses Roses 

Now that you know more about Kai Cannabis as a brand and about the top 7 flower strains our team loves - it’s time to give them a try! It’s Moses Roses’ style to make getting your weed as easy as 1-2-3, which is why we offer online shopping for convenient store pickup - and delivery, in limited areas! 

Browse our wide selection of top-quality brands, like Kai Cultivation, and more at Moses Roses. Find your way into our cannabis retail store in Waterford or Lincoln Park (more opening soon!) or shop online now. 

Join the Moses Roses movement and follow us on Instagram to stay connected socially and with all the freshest drops and store promotions. 

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