Find Mitten Extracts Near Me: Our Top 6 Favorite Picks!

January 15, 2024

Nothing screams; we support the Michigan cannabis community more than naming your brand Mitten Extracts. Quickly becoming one of the most popular and affordable premium vape producers, Mitten Extracts vape pen cartridges and now disposables are some of Moses Rose's best-sellers. 

So, why do Michiganders love Mitten Extracts? Find out with our in-depth guide to the brand, including how to find Mitten Extracts near me at Moses Roses and our team’s picks for our top 6 favorite vapes! 

Who is Mitten Extracts? 

Mitten Extracts is a Michigan owned cannabis brand that thrives on offering the cannabis community products made right here in Metro Detroit. Their main mission? To provide the state with alternative options to flower, that are quality and affordable. 

To do so, the brand offers - 

  • 510 thread carts 
  • Disposable vapes 
  • Concentrates 
  • Edibles
  • Infused pre-rolls

Every extract is produced in small batches to ensure consistency and quality for our consumers, and locally crafted, too. Want to try the brand’s premium distillate vapes? Let’s get into our top picks next! 

Mitten Extracts Vape Pen Carts & Disposables - Our Top 6! 

With so many options to choose from, save this guide of our Moses Roses’ teams top X Mitten Extracts vape carts and disposables to buy and try first. 

Mitten Extracts Disposable Vape Cart - White Cherry Gelato

We love the slim, portable nature of Mitten Extracts disposable vapes and the craveworthy flavors and strains the brand has to offer. First up is one of our top favorites: White Cherry Gelato. This hybrid vape cart offers a functioning high that’s energizing, focusing, long-lasting, and, of course, euphoric! Its puffs will keep you coming back for more of its sweet cherry, fruity citrus, and nutty herb flavor.

Mitten Extracts - Disposable Vape Cart - Banana Milk

For a soothing pre-bedtime treat, we love to turn to the indica-dominant Banana Milk Mitten Extracts disposable. This Mitten Extracts vape pen washes all the pain away from a long day with a relaxing and soothing body high. Its flavors are rich in creamy milk and sweet banana and have hints of tropical fruits that linger on the tongue. 

Mitten Extracts Disposable Vape Cart - Blueberry Banger

With a name like Blueberry Banger, you know this Mitten Extracts Disposable is going to be a hit! One of our favorite sativa-dominant hybrid vapes, Blueberry Banger, serves on desirable flavors and effects. For flavor, the vape pen is rich in fresh blueberry tastes that have underlying notes of refreshing citrus and pine. After a few puffs, you’ll feel your mood lift and enjoy a long-lasting and clear-headed high. 

Mitten Extracts x Pressure Pack Disposable Vape Cart - Rainbow Z

Mitten Extracts loves a good collab, and so do we here at Moses Roses! Nothing is brighter for daytime use than the Mitten Extracts x Pressure Pack vape cart in Rainbow Z. With a fun and dreamy design on the outside, inside is none other than premium extract from one of the leading small-batch cultivators in the state, Pressure Pack. Rainbow Z, or Zkittlez, is one of the cultivators most popular exotic genetics, offering a quick rush of cerebral euphoria and an indulgent fruity flavor. 

Mitten Extracts x Hyman Disposable - Bubblegum Gelato

Straight out of the Barbie movie in looks and flavor, you “Ken” enjoy this sweet and bright collab from Mitten Extracts and yet another leading cultivator, Hyman. Hyman is known for its flashy and flavor-forward strains, and Bubblegum Gelato shows off both with Mitten Extracts expert extraction. The slightly indica-leaning hybrid will relax you from head to toe while offering your taste buds the delicious flavors of sweet cherry, with underlying notes of fruit and earthiness. 

Mitten Extracts x Pressure Pack Disposable Vape Cart - Lemon Cherry Gelato

Another Pressure Pack collab that’s sure to brighten any day is Mitten Extracts Disposable Vape in Lemon Cherry Gelato. A trending strain across the board, you can enjoy this fruity hybrid at its purest and most potent with this reliable and consistent disposable vape. Every puff bursts with sour citrus or sweet fruity flavors, while offering consumers an uplifting and calming high to burst all your stresses. 

Mitten Extracts and More at Moses Roses 

At Moses Roses, we believe we can create a world-class cannabis experience while still offering value to our guests and pride in our communities. That’s why we’re proud to educate our consumers and hold a forward-thinking passion for the plant in regards to quality, value, and well-being. 

To serve the Michigan cannabis community, we offer a wide variety of locally crafted and premium national brands, too. Like Mitten Extracts, and all of the Mitten Extracts disposables and vape carts we’ve covered here! 

Shop Mitten Extracts near me, or a wide selection of other brands at Moses Roses. Stop by one of our cannabis retail stores to meet our friendly and helpful team, or conveniently order online for store pickup now. 

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