Find Camino Gummies Near Me: Our Top 5 Flavors to Try First!

January 25, 2024

Edibles have come a long way from the infamous brownies of the past. Today, there’s a wide variety of chocolates, gummies, and candies, and even a variety of dosages and flavors for each product category, too. One of these versatile types of edibles found in Michigan and across the US are Camino Gummies, manufactured by Kiva Confections. 

Camino Gummies have 14+ varieties to choose from, all with unique and enjoyable flavors and beneficial ratios or dosages for desirable effects. Even better? In today’s modern world of weed, you can now buy Camino gummies online for pickup or delivery at Moses Roses.

So, let’s learn more about Camino gummies, including where to buy Camino gummies online near you and our team’s picks for our top 5 favorite flavors! 

Who is Camino? 

Camino is the gummy and fruit chew collection of the iconic Kiva Confections, known as one of the first chocolatiers in the cannabis space. The brand has made a name for itself over the years by holding themselves to “higher standards” when it comes to ingredients and processes to craft an exceptional edible experience. 

So, where does the name “Camino” come from? It was inspired by the historic El Camino Real, a 600 mile California road that connects some of the state’s most beautiful and inspiring landscapes. Each flavor of Camino is specifically designed to transport consumers to a specific location (see your tin!) for a “California State of Mind.”

You can always count on Camino for consistent quality, high-powered flavors, and unique speciality editions (like this year’s MSU gummies and UofM gummies!). Beyond flavor variations, the brand also specializes in unique cannabinoid ratios, like their 5:1 THC:CBN sleep gummies and THCV variations for increased focus. 

Ready to try these fruit-forward gummies for yourself? Let’s find out where to buy Camino gummies online and our team’s picks for the top 5 flavors. 

The Top 5 Camino Gummies Near Me 

We always have a variety of Camino gummies in stock at any of our Moses Roses’ locations. If you’re having trouble deciding which ones to start with - this is the list for you! Keep reading for our team’s Camino gummies reviews of our favorite 5 flavors. 

Camino Gummies - Watermelon Lemonade 

Camino gummies in Watermelon Lemonade are perfect when you need a taste of summer during the long, cold winters. The “Bliss” gummies are the ideal balance of sativa and indica traits for all-day, good moods that’ll have you feeling uplifted, calm, and focused. At 5 MG each you can eat 1, or a handful, to reach your desired dose and suit your cravings. 

Camino Gummies - Wild Cherry 

There’s nothing more classic than the Wild Cherry flavor, and Camino has hit all of the rich and tart notes in one bite. Infused with a unique sativa blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, these are the perfect gummies for social settings or daytime use. Contained in a handy, dandy tin, they’ll fit right in your pocket or purse when you need a late night pep-up too! 

Camino Gummies - Yuzu Lemon 

Yuzu Lemon
is an invigorating flavor that’s sure to help you find your “balance” and pucker your lips with its tart taste. These gummies feature a unique Yuzu flavor and, even better, a 5:5 THC:CBD ratio that perfectly levels out your mood. Achieve ultimate harmony with these fine-tuned gummies that offer a special blend of terpenes for taste and effects. 

Camino Gummies - Sparkling Pear 

Speaking of fine-tuned gummies, Sparkling Pear Camino Gummies is specially formulated for social settings with a 2:6 THC:CBD ratio. Ideal for those sensitive to THC or wanting to keep their heads clear and focused, these gummies offer a unique euphoria without the anxiety. The sparkling pear flavor is just as complex, with tart, sweet, and fruity notes. 

Camino Gummies - Wild Berry 

The rich and soothing flavors of Wild Berry Camino Gummies come in clutch when you’re looking to get your chill on. These gummies are specially crafted with indica-forward terpenes that will have you feeling completely at ease and blissful. Whether you’re hibernating for the weekend or kicking back and relaxing, these should be specially reserved for lowkey days or nights. 

Buy Camino Gummies Online at Moses Roses 

At Moses Roses, we’re continually striving to curate enhanced, elevated experiences for the Michigan cannabis community. That means offering nationwide brands like Camino and Kiva, side-by-side some of our favorite local craft Michigan brands, too. 

Rest assured, Moses Roses always has Camino gummies in stock for a punch of good flavors, accurately dosed bites, and fine-tuned buzzes with unique terpenes and cannabinoids combos. 

Enhance the way you shop for the relief you need. Make Moses Roses your neighborhood shop for all things cannabis. Stop by one of our convenient locations near you, or buy Camino gummies online by shopping our current selection now! 

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