Cannabee Extracts: Top 6 Concentrates to Try First!

March 20, 2024

The Michigan Cannabis Community is swarming for all things Cannabee Extracts. This native-Michigan brand is stinging the game when it comes to a variety of concentrates strains, and even better? At an affordable cost! 

So, are you - In the need of increasing your potency as your tolerance increases? Exploring dabbing routines? An avid dabber looking to spend a little less without cutting quality? You’re in the right place! 

Here, we’ll cover all things Cannabee Extracts in our ultimate guide. So keep reading to learn more about the brand and our team’s picks for the top 6 concentrates to try first.

The Buzz about Cannabee Extracts 

If you’re a regular dabber or dispensary shopper, it’s likely you’ve heard of Cannabee Extracts or seen it on the shelves. So, what’s the buzz about this budget-friendly concentrate brand? The group blends their own expertise with technology to deliver some of the highest quality extracts available. 

As shown by their 2023 High Times Cup win in the solventless concentrates category for their infused flower and moon rocks. 

Their facility is equipped with state of the art equipment to do so, while their team has decades of experience producing clean concentrates - without  impurities or remaining solvents. Today, you can find Cannabee Extracts at Moses Roses and even better? The brand always has a variety of strains (and types of extracts!) to choose from. 

Cannabee Extracts: Our Top 6 Picks 

Wondering where you should start first? Let’s get into our favorite 6 Cannabee extracts next. 

Cannabee Extracts Live Resin Terp Sugar - Garlic Icing

First things first, what exactly is live resin terp sugar? Other than a mouthful, it’s one of the most flavorful, pure extracts you can try. Live resin refers to the fact that it’s made from “fresh frozen” flower material - or flower material that’s been freshly frozen upon harvest. Meaning, it’s at its peak levels of terpenes and cannabinoids (flavor and synergy of effects!). 

Terp sugar refers to the consistency of the extract, which is a grainy, granulated sugar type of consistency (full of terps). We love Garlic Icing from Cannabee for its unique, savory tastes of funky cheese, garlic, and earthiness that come through crisp when vaporized. As for effects, these dabs are best reserved for nighttime, with powerfully relaxing indica effects.

Cannabee Extracts Cured Resin - Kush Mints

Another Cannabee Extract we love for its fresh and invigorating flavor, is none other than Kush Mints. Cured resin refers to an extract that’s made from cured flower. That means instead of being freshly frozen upon harvest, the buds are dried and then cured. 

Kush Mints isn’t just our fav for its minty and rich cookie flavor, but for its well-balanced hybrid effects too. The nearly equal 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid is our go-to for all day rips when you need to keep the mood cushy (get it?) and elevated. 

Cannabee Extracts Live Resin - Ice Cream Cake

Another live resin we can’t get enough of is Ice Cream Cake. No surprise with the strain’s deliciously sweet, vanilla and doughy flavors from its vanilla,lineage of Gelato x Wedding Cake. Treat yourself to a terp-fueled extract with Cannabee’s variety that’ll have you feeling as good as the dabs taste! 

Cannabee Extracts Live Resin - Mac Mint Cookies

Get triple the tastes with the trio strain of Mac Mint Cookies live resin from Cannabee Extracts. This citrusy, minty, peppery, and sour variety will keep your taste buds guessing in the most delightfully dab-worthy kind of way. The heady high will hit you instantly, with an uplifted mood from its euphoria, that’s followed by a smooth and soothing relaxation of the body. 

Cannabee Extracts Live Resin Disposable Vape - Train Wreck

Recently, Cannabee launched their disposable vape collection to help you take your live resin routines on the go. So far, one of our favorites is Train Wreck which is a mind-bending sativa that’ll have you fueled up for whatever the day may bring! Said to hit consumers like a “freight train” the quick-hitting high comes with a refreshing lemon, pine, and spicy aroma that equally ignites the senses.  

Cannabee Extracts Live Resin Disposable Vape - Devil's Apple

Mmm, no matter the season, it’s just the Michigander in us, to love a delicious, crisp apple flavor. This Devil’s Apple Cannabee Extracts disposable vape delivers all the fall vibes we crave in flavor, and perfectly balanced hybrid effects, too. In fact, it’d be the perfect companion to take with you on a stroll through an apple orchard - or for any daily activities that could use a boost to the mood. 

Finding Cannabee Extracts at Moses Roses 

Now, that’s one heck of a dab menu, amirite? If you’re looking for quality, cost-effective concentrates, look no further than Cannabee Extracts at Moses Roses. Hey, you could even buy all 6 and have yourself a flight of Cannabee tonight. 

Stay tuned for more brand guides, product reviews, and always count on Moses Roses as your neighborhood spot for all things cannabis. We strive to curate a curiously imaginative experience for the entire Michigan cannabis community, with locations available across the state. 

Start shopping online for pickup or delivery or plan a trip into one of our cannabis retail stores to meet our friendly team now. Before you go - check out our deals

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