A Fresh Coast Extracts Review + Our Picks for Top 5 Strains to Try!

February 24, 2024

In the world of cannabis, you’ve got the west coast players, the east coast players, and now the fresh coast players here in the Great Lakes state of Michigan. One group of friends from Northern Michigan with deep ties to the land is taking the meaning of the fresh coast reputation to all new heights with their own premium extract brand, Fresh Coast Extracts.  

Fresh Coast Extracts specializes in top-shelf concentrates and, more specifically, solventless versions for the purest, most natural forms. So if you’ve ever wanted to taste the pure oil of the flower strain you love the most - you’re in the right place.

Let’s get into what makes Fresh Coast Extracts so popular in Michigan with our full Fresh Coast Extracts review, along with our team’s picks for our favorite 5 extract products to try first. 

The Story Behind the Brand: Fresh Coast Extracts

The Fresh Coast founders came together with one mission in mind: to craft concentrates rich in flavor and experience. To do so, they pulled from their heritage, education, and experience and set forth to create concentrates that are true expressions of the plant’s harvest and native terpene profiles.

Today, the brand works with a grassroots collective of cultivators and some of the top industry artisans at their state of the art extraction facility. In the end, Fresh Coast Extracts works to make quality products accessible to the entire Michigan cannabis community while also giving back to the communities that support them. 

As for their concentrates, Fresh Coast’s live rosin is the cream of the crop. It’s “live” as the concentrate is extracted from fresh, frozen flower, and “rosin” not “resin” due to its solventless extraction process. Using just temperature or pressure, you’re treated to the pure oils from resinous flower, hence why Fresh Coast sources the highest quality plant material for the highest quality end-result in rosin. 

Now that your mouth is watering for Fresh Coast Extracts, let’s get into our picks for the top 5 strains to try first! 

Our Top 5 Picks for Fresh Coast Extracts to Try 

Keep reading for these “must-try” Fresh Coast Extracts and our complete Fresh Coast Extracts review! 

Live Rosin - Gastro Pop 

With a lineage from Apples & Bananas and Grape Gasoline, you just know you’re about to experience some dank, fruity flavors. There’s no better way to enjoy the flavor-packed strain, Gastro Pop, than Fresh Coast Extracts premium live rosin. That way, you’ll experience all of its woody and sweet tastes at their height! The strain is slightly sativa leaning, meaning you’ll also be treated to energizing (yet stress-relieving) effects ideal for daytime dabs. 

Live Rosin - Gruntz 

Now, if you’re searching for a Fresh Coast Extracts strain that’s just as flavor-forward but more indica-leaning, Gruntz is for you. Gruntz is another cross of two pungent powerhouses, Zkittlez X Gelato for satisfying effects and taste. Every hit will have you enjoying the strain’s sweet and fruity berry flavor, which has hints of sugary cotton candy. The sweet flavors translate to even sweeter effects, with uplifting effects that put you into total bliss—mind, body, and spirit. 

Live Rosin - Grandma’s Breath 

Unsure of the name Grandma’s Breath? Don’t be! As you’ll be missing out on one of the most unique and complex flavor profiles available from Fresh Coast Extracts. Grandma’s Breath is a rare genetic that’s a cross of Mrs. Mac and Grandpa's Breath, for sweet and earthy flavors, done Fresh Coast style. Effect-wise, the hybrid offers an uplifting euphoria that boosts the mood. 

Live Rosin Vape Cart - Animal Mint Cake

Our next choice is a Fresh Coast Extracts cart that we love in the strain, Animal Mint Cake. A cross of Animal Cookies and Wedding Cake, you can count on this cart for sweet puffs of enhancing your mood throughout the day as you need them! The hybrid is a go-to for those who need some cart courage for conversation and will have you feeling giddy and social in no time. As for flavor, you’ll enjoy the strain’s unique vanilla and fruity tastes that have a hint of funky cheese on the exhale. 

Live Resin Infused Pre-Roll - Octane Punch

If you’re not a dabber or vaper but still want to enjoy the pure nature of Fresh Coast Extracts, then their Toast collection of infused pre-rolls might just be for you. One of our favorite Toast strain’s is their infused pre-roll in Octane Punch! Fresh Coast Extracts makes their infused pre-rolls with premium distillate and an added punch of terpenes for a highly potent smoke sesh experience. The pre-rolls are made with the finest flower (no shake) and this strain is the perfect hybrid for ultimate relaxation and total euphoria. 

Find Fresh Coast Extracts Near Me at Moses Roses 

At Moses Roses, it’s our mission to curate imaginative experiences through exemplary customer service and quality products. That’s why we’re proud to have Fresh Coast Extracts on our shelves—to offer accessibility to the top-shelf concentrate versions of the flower we love! 

Now that you have the full Fresh Coast Extracts review, it’s time for you to try the brand yourself. Browse our current selection of Fresh Coast Extracts by conveniently shopping Moses Roses online. Simply select pickup or delivery at checkout, and in just a few clicks, you’ll be riding the Fresh Coast waves of your very own buzz. 

Stay tuned for more product guides and brand reviews, and join the Moses Roses movement online by connecting on Instagram now! 

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